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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hohenwald News: July 4th Weekend

There is a lot going on in Hohenwald this weekend. Making plans was easy, the hard part was keeping it down to a list of the doable. Here's a few suggestions, and yes, there's lots more to choose from like watching the neighbours duel the stars for brilliance and the thunder for sound for over an hour. Its always an impressive show (but I'm too much of a cheapskate to go that deep into fireworks, but I can watch and oow and aah with the rest.)

On Friday, Lewis County Manor is having a 30yr. celebration with free carnival activities for the kids like an inflatable slide, and an adventure bounce house.

Admission is free (although the add is a bit unclear. I'm thinking the concessions provided will cost, but it seems to maybe say they won't. I'd bring a ten-spot anyhoo.)

After the activities, there will be fireworks.

Next day is Saturday with the Lewis County Saddle Club from 10-4 at their arena on Hwy. 48 (which I'm going to have to crack out the map for). Maybe Mr. C can get a horsie ride if we make it over there?

Hardees is also offering some pretty decent coupons so you can fill up, go back home for a bit, and then head out to the Pink Cadillac for outdoor movie night if you're not dragging by then.


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