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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hohenwald News: Melody's Pre-Owned Books

Just traded in a half-dozen of my no longer, or never loved, SF books for three bright new SF books, and one about Life in a Medieval Village which the Ladyfaire should enjoy.

Speaking of Never Loved. Do not read the Neutronium Saga aka the Reality Dysfunction Series by Hamilton. Uggh. Its well-written true. The problem is that one that a veteran role-playing gamer is familiar with. The GM loves the bad guys, so they never lose. The whole first book, at least as far as I got was about the rampaging destruction of the dead.

Its innovative to put the Zombie Plague in the year 3000 in a super-tech society, but otherwise, its just annoying. Evil is going to win, and frankly its not going to have to work all that hard at it because the outcome is never in doubt. Well maybe goodness triumphs in book two or three or four, but I'm not willing to find out.

So Melody now has that book. Poor lady.

Also, as a side note, she thinking of putting some sort of surcharge of a dime a book on those who only bring in books for credit, and don't give her at least a little cash. I can see her point. It costs good money to have a mainstreet business.

I'm not sure how this surcharge will work exactly, even though she tried to explain it twice to the dim bulb I am.


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