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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hohenwald News: Rabies in Lewis County

A rabid fox attacked an elderly 80-year-old man several times. The first time he confessed that he had the ammo in the truck, and the gun in the house, which he joked was not good planning.

We can identify as I was a near-victim of a robbery some years back outside my locked truck with my .45 Firestar inside in the glove compartment, not doing me much good.

Later it attacked again, and after chomping on Dr. Culbreath's shoe, it was shaken loose, and shot. While it did not pierce the skin, still due to the amount of saliva, Dr. Culbreath is taking prevention shots.

He said that he had lived through mid-air collisions in WWII, and a little fox would not do for him.

Prayers should go up, and a great deal of respect should go to this man for his coolness of mind, and gallant laughter.

Hat tip: Lewis County Herald


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