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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hohenwald News: A Round-up of Iranian Election News
--Foreign Affairs

Power and Control, known mostly for its visionary enthusiasm for ending the Drug War by re-stating the problem as trauma to be medicated (a notion I'm wavering on), comes out with a round-up of information describing the late Iranian 'elections'.

I use scare quotes deliberately as it seems only 10% of the people bothered to vote. Thats a pretty clear indication of the true vote--None of the Above is what the Iranian people voted for.

Also, Hoder, whom I've met at BlogNashville this year, is trying to get out of country. I would have advised him to not go in country in the first place, but I suspect thats because I'm not as brave as he is. Pray for him that he gets out safely.

For those not familiar with Hoder, he's the Persian Blogfather, the man who translated blogging tools into Persian, and thus made possible the Persian blogosphere.


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