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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hohenwald News: Surprise Upset for Tyson
--In Sports:
In a surprise that reminds of MacEnroe's end in Tennis (but MacEnroe despite his temper and antics was a far more decent person), Tyson got pushed down by Irishman Kevin McBride in a boxing bout, and stayed there until after the bell rang.

Despite being two points ahead, and doing an illegal move to McBride, he threw in the towel, and gave up.

Good. I don't like Tyson. I think he shamed the sport, and the sport shamed itself by putting up with him. Hopefully, that will be the last boxing bout for Tyson, and as the groupies and users and facillitators of his sickness fade away to find another celebrity to prey on, he can find the quiet to hear the song of honor, and redemption. Perhaps then someone can say, hey Mike, you need help. You need some heavy therapy, and even more, you need God to forgive the evil you've done.

Okay, we've all done evil. We all need God to cleanse us. But unlike Mike, I didn't have millions of dollars to buy people to tell me it was all okay when its not. Instead, I had books, and movies, and my own self. But all that did not sound very loud, since it was pretty obvious it wasn't okay. I'm still struggling with the difference between alienation from success and alienation from God. But in ways, I had it easier than Mike.

Hat tip to Sharon Cobb. Go Here for source document.


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