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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hohenwald News: Three Cheers for the Pink Cadillac

One, they've gotten rid of Monster-in-Law.

Two, they've added Madagascar, which I'm pretty sure the tykes will love.

Three, they have the action-adventure show Mr. and Mrs. Smith in the no. 2 slot. Its better to put the action-adventure shows in the second slot because although it gets dark, and things are pretty visible, the darker the better for visibility on the screen. And action movies tend to have lots of, well, action. That is, complicated physical moves that you have to pay close attention too. And sometimes the outdoor theatre is not quite up to the challenge.

We had that problem with Scorpion King. However, it was still enjoyable, and considering the outrageous prices for tickets (and the way Shady Brook wanted to charge for my toddler--guess they don't want my business, eh?), and the even more insane prices for concessions (at Pink you can bring your own and no one minds, and the concessions they have aren't too badly overpriced), I say make mine Pink.

At least most of the time. We did see Star Wars in Texas in an indoor theatre.

I like the prospect of watching both movies, so we should be there this weekend.


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