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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hohenwald News: Who Succeeds Castro?

Our country has a system that more or less works for the transfer of power. Other countries or personal fiefdoms such as Castro's Cuba don't have such niceties. So the question of who would replace the elderly dictator and tyrant is open.

One possibility is his brother Raul Castro. He has the name, the family connections, and he has had control of the military for four decades which in a society ruled by fear of men with guns is a big stick indeed.

Here we elect Eisenhower because we think he did a good job as a general, not because we're afraid that if he doesn't get the job that Army tanks are going to roll through Washington DC. Other lands are not so blessed or so moral.

But Carlos Alberto Montaner has a plan on how to mess over Raul which just might pave the way for Cuba to rejoin the civilized world. There's good evidence that Raul is a drug dealer. Oddly enough, being a drug dealer is regarded as lower in status than being a pschyopathic murderous tyrant. What can you say? The World is insane.

For more, go here, and meet a good writer.


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