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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Roleplaying Gaming News: An Early Draft of Old Verses New

I just finished reading an early draft of Old Verses New, by M.J. Young. He and E.R. Jones are the guys who came up with the brilliantly innovative Multiverser role-playing game which broke me out of the stale categories I had found myself in, and not even realizing it.

The novel, a sequel to his first, continues the story of Lauren Hastings (housewife, martial artist, wizard, vampire hunter...), and Joe Kondor, and introduces Derek Browne who has a rough introduction to the Multiverse with a succession of horror-themed universes whose quickness of passing reminds me of my World A Week story, A Blurring of Stop Signs.

I've been pushing myself pretty hard, and so I took a couple days off to read it through. Its good, and when it comes out in hardcover, I'll be lining up to read it then, again. M.J. does a very good job with continuously presenting new plot twists which is aided by his micro-chapter format. Each micro-chapter is short and sweet, and gets across a point or two, and then stops.


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