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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tennessee Writer: Plans for the Next Month

Now that I've gotten the rough draft of the Murder Party Game out to my editor, I faced the challenge of deciding what to do next. I had planned to make a simple C-Y-Adventure Game at Border Raids, but it looks too challenging.

So even though Border Raids is a unique opportunity, I'm going to have to pass. I may still try to get some movies of people explaining their crafts while at Border Raids, and perhaps take a cruise of the area before the big party, but I feel the need for a stronger set-up, and greater credibility.

Perhaps, I should have been bolder, and more energetic, but frankly, I've been a bit worn down from all the challenges lately.

Besides, I think a simple documentary, perhaps thirty minutes long, of various crafts would be a very good starter. Thats one of my rules for projects--make it as simple as possible, because inevitably it will be more complicated than you like. And if you don't strive for simplicity, you will end up not finishing the grump-grump thing.

Now, I've started to work on The Ruling Rod, again. This is near complete rewrite I'm contemplating. I may turn the other 50k bit I came up with into another novel--we will see how that goes. Hate to waste that much good and not so good writing.

I did it for the second rewrite of Worldwalker. Wrote 20,000 words so I could find the right thousand to start it with.

Hopefully, at 2k per day, six days a week, I can have the rough draft cranked out in a month and a half. I'll try to keep posting my progress. So far, I have 4k plus done. 56k to go...


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