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Friday, June 17, 2005

Tennessee Writer: Thoughts and Research

I've got a great idea for a novel, Codeworld: Anoniblogger, and I found another site that will be most useful for research. Its on Global Voices, and its their Wiki for Anoniblogging. It smoothly and sweetly takes you in easy steps through an overview of the various levels of security one might need.

On the other hand, I have the start, and a very good start of a novel I've been working on for a very long time. The Ruling Rod. Its not immediately relevant like CA is, but the first chapter is brilliant.

I guess I ought to write TRR next, and let CA gather some more research.

I've also mostly set up my next d20 adventure for High Forest Games & Books, but in doing so, I discover that I missed a key segment. I need some bad guys's stat blocks. I have the bad guys, but just no numbers to describe them.

This is Abduction of Annastrianna. I've appealed to one friend who might have some numbers stashed somewhere. If not him, I think I can call up another buddy who is notorious for having three inch thick notebooks full of characters which he hardly ever uses. No, he's not the loser geek you're thinking of.

Its just that he and his wife, for a very long time, could not settle down to one game, and so made new characters every week.

But if you have some 7th to 9th level d20 fantasy characters that you'd like to see published for the fame and glory of it, then send me an email.


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