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Monday, June 13, 2005

Tennessee Writer: What I'm Reading Now

I've just finished, on my recent trip, a book by Intelligent Design theorist, Phillip Johnson, and read part of another book on Christian living by Greg Johnson (I thought they were by the same guy in the Texas thriftstore which is why I bought both, although both were quite good anyways. Glad you asked.)

On our trip yesterday to the Nashville Adventure Science Center (i.e. McDonald's playground writ large with some science stuff, and a tot toy area as well), the Ladyfaire read aloud from Howl's Moving Castle by Dianne Gwynne Jones which is being made into a movie. Its a twisted fairy tale of a novel with the people in the book, at least the heroine, thinking they live in a fairy tale world.

The heroine is quite certain she will not have a great adventure or meet a handsome prince because she is the eldest of three daughters, and everyone knows that the youngest daughter is the one such cool stuff happens too...

Very amusing. And I'm surprised the Ladyfaire's voice held out for sixty plus pages.

I'm also reading Ocean of Years by Roger MacBride Allen. Its a bit of heavy brown bread, but he has some very cool ideas, and an unusual detective hunt, and he does a good description of research making it interesting. Its one of those moments of despair for a writer when you read something, and realize...I could never have done that. But as a writer, one has to realize that you don't need to do everything, and indeed you can't. Not that a little or a lot of expansion of one's horizons is a bad thing, by any means.

And if you like my reading, perhaps you'll like my writing.


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