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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tennessee Writer's Update: Orion's Arm Open Source Writing Project

The Orion's Arm group is looking for contributors to help it expand. It is trying to make a Technological Singularity focused space opera (i.e. kinda like Star Trek) future history.

What is TS, you ask?

Its the idea that technology is not only going upward, but is going upward at an ever increasing rate. And that at some point, possibly as early as the 2030's it will be essentially vertical on the x,y time chart where x=time and y=tech progress. At that point, whatever whim you have that is not internally contradictory, or otherwise logically impossible, you will be able to achieve.

And since you will likely be a superhuman intelligence, it follows that we would have a hard time guessing what you might be up to. Hence Singularity, as in Black Hole from which information or light cannot escape. In this sense, we say that the Future has become a Black Hole because it has become unpredictable in a much greater degree than before.

BTW, I don't wholly buy all this. Some of that Black Hole effect is simply that not enough imagination had been applied to the situation at the time Vinge wrote of this in books like Fire Upon the Deep. (extremely good book).

In any case, I have a book on similiar topics thats been sitting partially finished in the back of my mind for a long time. I'm considering sending parts of it over to the OA people for them to look at. Not sure if it fits in with their general thing.

But for now, I need to get my first thousand words written on the mystery game. The rough draft is due by Friday...


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