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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Weekly Update: Busy Day

Today should be a hectic day. I need to do a thousand words filling out the rest of the mystery, decide how the murder occurred (yep, I've still got suspects so far), and then spend a good chunk of time revising the whole mess, err, tome of inspired brilliance.

Also got the paper in today so I need to comment on it.

Lets see, also I see several things on the web which I want to reply to. Pinkerton charmingly smacks on Intelligent Design, so if I can, I need to smack apart his house of tricks. Prof. Rummel is arguing with a nutty Libertarian. And M. Simon needs a reply on his drugs as pain relief theses.

Oh, yeah, some house cleaning, and playing with the baby boy who loves telephone cords would be nice too. And an email to my brother. And thats just this morning.

So lets get cracking.


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