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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Weekly Update: Food News

I love to eat. My low blood sugar helps enforce this tendency as I tend to get feeling scuzzy, and fall off in performance if I don't.

So, food. Gigglebox has used a spoon before, but today, with great enthusiasm and authority, he took that spoon, and started shovelling baby food into his own mouth. At first he was a tiny bit tentative, not being sure he could find his mouth, but even then he was direct and energetic.

I want to eat!

My second bit of trivia...I cooked up possibly my first ham in the five years I've been married. It tastes great. Sweet, and juice....ahh. 'Twas wonderful.

Granted it had a nice thick black covering of burnt meat, but at .79c a pound, I'm not too unhappy. And perhaps that thick outer covering saved the inside as tender and grand. Still, while I can help you set up a free blog, I don't recommend your hiring my services as a caterer for your daughter's wedding yet, or that party where you want to impress the clients, not yet anyways. Maybe in a decade.


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