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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Weekly Update: Gigglebox Stands!

We'd just finished watching a movie, the Ladyfaire and I, and Mr. C was off at VBS, and then the Ladyfaire asks me to come into the room. I do, and she tells me that he just stood.

He's got a plastic box, no cover, and about three inches high that he likes to climb in. Its meant to be slid under the couch and hold the toys, but you know how babies are. Things get re-purposed. He thought outside of the box, by thinking inside of the box.

The walls of the clear, plastic box provided him something to grab, and I suppose the box offered emotional security, because within a minute, he's standing up again. And again.

We two just stood there, and beamed, and offered him encouragement while he crowed about his accomplishment in a continous song.

Congratulations, Gigglebox, Daddy's very proud of you.


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