Tales of Tadeusz

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Weekly Update

Its almost eleven, and the tykes are still abed. Puir wee fellows, they are a bit under the weather, and sleeping it off. Which is one of the best medicines, and one rather hard to impose on babies and less so on toddlers.

Last night, Gigglebox was still bright-eyed, and energetic, and happy late at night. So I made him unhappy. I held him. He yelled, struggled, and hollered enough that Mommy got up to see what horror Daddy was inflicting on her precious baby. And then, after five minutes of this unmitigated horror of being held on my lap, the little rebel fell asleep.

Just had to get him immobile for a bit. That's one of the secrets of the universe, mind you. Kids get more energetic as they get more tired.


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