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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weekly Update: Vacation Was Grrrr-eat! Particularly the McDonalds

Lets see, we ate at Chick-Fil-A which had a Toddler Habitrail which is a plus, but the food, especially the kid's meal chicken nuggets was nothing that great. I wonder how the company is doing.

I appreciate their stand on not opening on Sundays, but it also helps to offer better food. Perhaps they are more the "upper crust" small food amounts in better fresher quality than say McDonalds'? If so, then it would help to actually have fresher food.

Either way, its not my thing.

I like the Golden Arches which we ate at a number of times on our week-long trip. One thing I noted was that along I-10 in Louisiana and Missisippi that one was not likely to find indoor Habittrails. But on our way back along 1-20, which should be more northerly, and hence less muggy (a little bit anyways), the indoor playplaces were common.

Particularly notable was one town, Tuscaloosa, I believe, where the cash machine was out, but that was good for the kids because that meant the Ladyfaire had to go next door to a Food World, and get cash. Thus the kids got to play for an hour in air-conditioned splendor, and I do mean splendor. It was really nice.

Then later that day, they got to go free to the McWane Center in Birmingham, and play at the Kid's Activity Center, oh, Discovery Center or some such PC name for a giant playground with some cool aquariums for a couple hours.

They loved it, of course, and so did I.

It was a grand trip, and a much needed break for a hard-working Da'. I'll post more later.


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