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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Weekly Update

We were going to go to Movies, Games, and Mayhem but the Ladyfaire was sick today with sinuses, and I slept in on Saturday until after noon, around 12:30 to be precise.

We've been taking it easy for most of the day, trying to recuperate from the stresses of the week. She got in some thrift store and garage sale shopping, and bought the tykes more clothes and more books.

So Mr. C got around five new books read to him today which will help in the Summer Reading Program. Gigglebox wasn't so interested in reading books, and opted to try to fly out of Daddy's arms, but happily your gentle host was quicker than he was. Its one of those reflex saves where you catch the kid before you realize what you're doing.

I also finished reading Howl's Moving Castle, which was quite good. Although I admit to enjoying it more when the Ladyfaire is reading it out loud.


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