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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hohenwald News: Border Problems

I think that it is disgraceful the way that Big and Small Business combine with the Identity Politicking Left to prohibit Americans from securing the border with Mexico. There is a distinct likelihood that the next serious attack will be supported by infiltrators who brought jihadi and/or supplies (such as explosives and guns) over the border, hiding out in the midst of the masses of illegal immigrants.

However, keep in mind that Mexico is an unstable country, and that the US has only so many resources. If we immediately stop the immigrants with a fence patrolled by shoot-on-sight guards, then very likely Mexico gets seriously destabilized.

The possible result is Iraq on the Border.

But its clear we need to do something. We should at least start building the fence, and putting some more pressure on Vincente Fox to straighten things out further.

According to one source, the capital inflows have recently exceeded the capital outflows in Mexico. Which is very good news. Its awful hard to industrialize an economy when all the money flees the economy as fast as it can ahead of the robbers (who are often related to the ruling power structure). This is one of the key problems in Africa--it makes no sense to invest because the cousin of the current Premier for Life is just going to steal what you create. It makes better sense to get the money out of country, and into a Swiss bank account where it can't be so easily stolen.

Granted this doesn't help your neighbours who you should be hiring for good wages in your factory, but why build the factory if it just gets stolen? So the fact that this process seems to be partially reversing itself in Mexico is very good news indeed. Its like when a baby decides its time to give up on all that crawling, and start walking.

A time of rejoicing. But we need to keep raising the expectations on our Mexican friends, don't let them rest on their laurels. Too much to do, and too little time to do it.


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