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Friday, July 08, 2005

Hohenwald News: Condemnations from Moderate Muslims

Sometimes we in the neo-conservative camp have a moment of irritation/despair. A lot of us, if pressed, or even tapped on the shoulder would admit that the whole project of Middle Eastern Reform depends on Muslims stepping up to the plate, and taking a swing at the extremists.

The idea is to change the culture, and enable and empower the more tolerant of the Muslim community. However, we sometimes don't see a lot of this condemnation of murderers from supposed moderates. Instead, we see CAIR either being quiet at the latest Muslim terrorist outrage, or demanding the US apologize greatly for some offense, which is often imagined.

I read one commenter today who said he had been looking, and found two moderate condemnations. I sympathize with that commenter.

One can also sympathize with some moderates. (Not all, some are just happy about American or British deaths, but not willing to join in just yet because they want to get the nice house first before they go on jihad.) But some moderates face a big problem--say the truth about the extremists, and they will come visit you with weapons blazing.

This is typical terrorist tactics, btw. It was used in Algeria. Kill the moderates on your own side.

But, a ray of hope for the neocon who wants to see the Muslim community stand up for justice...



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