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Friday, July 08, 2005

Hohenwald News: England is Important

England provides help, indeed it is one of the most powerful nations on the planet. And its military is aside from the Aussies, about the only one that can even play on the same playing field as the Americans.

That is, pretty much everyone else is minor league. Now some of those minor league teams such as China are pretty large, and it would be way too interesting, in the Chinese sense, for us to go head-to-head although that is likely within our lifetimes, but still, we'd probably kill a hundred of them for every one of ours.

If we ever went nose to nose with the Brits the toll would be a lot closer to one for one. We'd still win because greater mass gives us mores axes of attack, and because we have greater mass.

So I fear for the enemies of the British. But thats not why they are important to the US. We probably could do this whole thing pretty much on our own.

But we don't want to. Its a pretty cold, and lonely world out there with wolf states, terrorists, Frenchies and Russians looking for the next bribe, and a bunch of children who sorta wanta be good and sorta wanta be bad. And more children who want to be good, but aren't sure how. And then there's the adults...and doggone few of them, and Britain stands as the only one who has stood where America stands.

Its a lonely world, and its good to have a few, well-trusted friends. And frankly, the Franks, the Russos, and the Han should be glad we have a few friends. Because the Brits, they incline us to optimism, and courage. and resoluteness. Qualities they have in abundance. Without them, we'd still win, but it would be a harsher win, a chillier breeze, an artic gust that would blow down the fortresses of evil rather than the kindly rays of the sun melting away the ice.

Anyhoo, enough yammering. What I mean to say is really simple. Hail Brittannia, and God save the Queen!


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