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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hohenwald News: Eurabia Watch in Sweden

Here is an extensive article with over a dozen links which makes the case for restricting Muslim immigration in Sweden. If a nation, or city refuses its first, basic responsibility, that of enforcing with violence public order, then Barbarians Will Come!

Its as simple as that.

They may have reasons. No, they will have reasons, but the best, truest reason is that it is more fun to be a barbarian than to be a low-status worker bee. So you have to retain the ability to smack barbarians on the nose, or you might as well surrender now.


  • Sweden-- not to mention Norway, the Netherlands, France and Germany all need to wake up. They will all be Muslim-majority countries soon and they're all failing miserably at incorporating their millions of Muslim immigrants, wasting billions of Euros every year on failed attempts. France idiotically continues to bring in millions of radicalized young Arabs from Algeria and Tunisia-- it will soon have 8 million Muslims and rapidly growing. The Netherlands continues to stupidly import millions of young Arabs from Morocco-- it may well be the first Euro state to go majority Muslim. Germany continues to stupidly import millions of young Turks (it will soon have 4-5 million Muslims) who don't get jobs, don't learn German, piss away their productive years in jail, and live off German welfare. Idiots!

    The answer for Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway is so obviously simple-- significantly reduce the proportion of immigrants from Muslim countries, and boost up the numbers from non-Muslim countries like Russia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, China, Thailand, and South Korea. For that matter, I think it'd be a nice idea for some of the millions of USAans of Scandinavian and German/French/Dutch ancestry to do a "demographic rescue" and repopulate Europe. (We'll all learn German, French, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish fast, we promise.)

    My one caveat here-- I hope that nobody goes off some stupid rant about how the attacks in Britain (our hearts are with you, Londoners) justify the war in Iraq. Iraq has and continues to distract us from the real enemy, and Iraq has never been behind the 9/11, Bali or Madrid attacks. We'd best get out of Iraq and rededicate those resources to snatching the terrorists where they're resident, and putting pressure on our ME "allies" from where most of these terrorists do hail. Action must be immediate.

    By Anonymous Thor's hammer, at 4:01 PM  

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