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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hohenwald News: How to Win the Terror War

There is a number of active steps we can take to win the war against the terrormasters. Some of these are things like incarcerating unlawful combatants at Gitmo (or following the Geneva Convention, and executing them after they are captured). Other things include changing the basic structure of the society for the better such as empowering women.

After all, the terrorists are scared of their own women.

But here we have another method of disempowering terrorists. Christianity is spreading in Muslim Indonesia. Some of its islands have half the population being Christian.

The so-called Muslim moderates want the government to crack down on the Christians. We the West, as a political goal, need to resist this with great power. People will flee a group that they recognize is not good for them, such as one dominated by suicide bombers, unless they are forbidden by force of arms from fleeing.

Plus, while this is not a Islam vs. Christian War, it is difficult to avoid noticing that practically all the people we are fighting are Islamic. (Or secular humanists who apologize for terrorists while being scandalized at having a Manger Scene in the city park.)

And that's strictly from a realpolitik point of view.

As a Christian I have to support my brothers.

And as a side effect, this will also be good for women which will then further weaken the terrormasters hold on their captive populations.


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