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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hohenwald News: I Love Capitalism

Particularly, I loved our visit to Big Lots. Its a serious discounter's paradise, but its also a place where you have to buy it now, because good luck finding it again.

I got tons of clipart for SF and Fantasy that I can use in my game designs for a few bucks, plus a thousand brilliant classics for a buck, plus a game to take my mind off the serious business of writing aka when my hair is about ready to be yanked out, I can noodle around playing at being a ninja.

And I was able to get a Rainbow Fish game (since we are an aquatic interest family--makes sense living in the mountains, right?) which will teach Mr. C some useful lessons, and a Dora puzzle which is also good.

So I'm pretty happy with my capitalist overlords right now. Their gewgaws and trinkets to amuse the simpleminded, and distract them from the real issues of power and privilege are working fairly well at the moment.


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