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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hohenwald News: London Bomb Blasts

In case you did not already know, terrorists set off bomb blasts in London this morning. According to figures I've heard, forty were killed and a thousand were injured. Its possible that these numbers have gone up in the intervening time.

One double-decker bus lost its roof due to an explosion, and some underground (aka subway) stations were bombed in a coordinated attack. One correspondent speculated that the bus was attacked since double-decker buses are a symbol of England. Another person thought that it was a deliberate one-two punch.

That is, a bomb at the station to herd people onto a nearby bus, followed by a bomb on the bus to murder the suddenly concentrated group. Bombers do occasionally use such tactics, and even deliberately target rescue personal with one-two punch bomb strategies.

In any case, our hearts go out to the brave Londoners, and those who have suffered loss have our deep sympathy. To those who perpetrated this act of murder, hang them.


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