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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hohenwald News: Metro

Two items of interest in the proposed Metro-ization of Hohenwald and Lewis County...

1. The Hub Committee supported this action, but its vote has been challenged on the basis that it was a secret vote, and governing bodies are not allowed such (unlike the ordinary citizen). This seems correct to me, and indeed there is another public vote scheduled.

I imagine it will go the same way, but it would be most amusing if it did not.

Also, I see this as another reason not to be Libertarian. The logic behind the Sunshine Law is that governing bodies need to be intimidated by the voters, while the logic behind secret ballots for voters is that voters need to be protected from intimidation. In other words, gov't is sticking its finger in, and changing the balance...and its a good thing!

2. I've seen an anti-Metro sign the last two days on Hwy 20. Now, I am a Metro supporter, but I'd be curious why this family is against it. Might drop by there and ask.


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