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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hohenwald News: Patterns in Life

My previous post edged toward a thought. There are certain patterns, niches in the floor of probability where the rolling steel marbe of actuality is more likely to come to rest. Each phenomenon etches the floor a little bit, but it seems as if certain phenomenon group together to create a deeper niche which results in a more stable society.

Thats the problem with a lot of half-good ideas. They don't conduce to stability because they are all out there by themselves, or they require much of the rest of society to act based on other social codes.

The Silly Sixties with drugs, loose sex, and Up Against the Wall, Man!; or the Sharks of Wall Street seem to me to be examples of that. Variant moralities that don't meet teh test of time.

There are other moral structures which do meet the test of time by surviving, and reproducing on their own, but are frankly horrifying. Dictatorships, Fascists of both the Left and the Islamofascists variety, and so forth can be quite stable, but its a stability of evil.

So Christianity, hard work, treating women with great respect are part of one niche. And as a side note, homosexuality tends to imply disrespect for women and children which makes it non-viable for these reasons as well as others where Christianity and Family hold solid ground. I think the best the homosexuals can hope for in a successful society is tolerance.

I wish with my liberal sympathies that it were not so, but thats life. You don't get everything you want.


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