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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hohenwald News: Pink Cadillac

I hear that the Pink Cadillac, at least last week, was running one show during the weeknights (except for Friday when they ran two). Hmm, pretty cool. I wonder if they charge half-price for one...that would mean watching a movie for 3$ an adult which is no bad thing in this era of outrageous movie prices (the movie houses are making up for stupid stuff, hence declining sales, by raising the price...but they are going to end up destroying their market by doing this, and reducing Hollyweird's influence to those with lots of bucks who think they are better than everyone else anyways. So Hollyweird is going to get more Lefty, and less relevant over the next decade. Hmm, perhaps this is not such a bad thing. Besides it does offer an opportunity for independent film makers with digital cameras and streaming video on the Internet to take back films from the wrong-headed elite.)

Anyways, Pink Cadillac outdoor theatre will be hosting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp (whom I like, and the wondrous one does not), followed by Fantastic Four which I also liked, even if as the wondrous one says, it is not a blockbuster.

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