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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hohenwald News: Shire of Delvingrim Picnic

The local SCA club for medieval re-enactment had its monthly business meeting at Lion Park in Maury County. Various issues were discussed, but since your humble correspondent was playing boffer sword-fighting and pushing swings with the tykes, I didn't catch most of it.

The food and the company were great. We had an onslaught of bees which were attracted by the cinnammon rolls and the sweet and artificially sweet drinks. Spent almost as much time batting them away as eating. Gigglebox had a bee land on his lip. But despite the plenitude of threat (including one lady who is deathly allergic) no one was stung. Thank You for Your Mercies.

Mr. C met a balloon maker who made him an "Egyptian kinked tail cat" which is furless since Mr. C asked him why his balloons were not furry which a cat balloon must need.

There were almost as many kids as adults. Too bad the ice cream truck didn't roll by. He would have found fruitful grounds.


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