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Monday, July 11, 2005

Hohenwald News: Stop Watching the News!

Here's why with both negative (the news media is lefty, and incompetent), and positive (the blogs have a lot of experts, and offer better information, including boots on the ground in the situation).

Today, victory in the war on terror depends upon an informed and well-connected citizenry that can mobilize information and public opinion to defeat global terrorism. War--according to Clausewitz--is not fundamentally about killing the enemy but about breaking his will to resist. The weblogs are essential to the information flow necessary to win the war on terror and energize the national will.This role cannot be played by a mainstream press led by reporters who know little or nothing about war, don't speak Arabic, don't understand Islamic culture, and simply aren't qualified to cover the important events of the war. The alternative is the network of weblogs:

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