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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hohenwald News: Talkorigins and Irreducible Complexity
--Science News
I've been arguing over on Dean's World that Evolution is silly. I'm a I don't know person as to whether Intelligent Design or the stronger Young Earth Creationism is true. ID allows for the possibility of evolution, just guided by somebody.

I think IDers did a fair job on that forum of smacking around the materialists.

I got recommended by the brilliant and widely learned Dean of the Dean's World College for Liberal Arts and Logic to try out the Panda's Thumb website which would help my worries about Irreducible Complexity. IC is another arrow in the string of the IDers.

IC says certain things are useless in simpler form, and could not have come about via way of Evolution. For an example, the eye...what good is an optic nerve without an eye?

All of these things have to happen at the same time which stretches even Evolutionists capacious acceptance of lucky chance to its limits.

But in nature, such an arrangement as an optic nerve does occur.

But still, I see this as a minor oases in the Darwinian Dessert. The arguements of Talkorigins which attempted to explain away the ICNotness of the eye were not all that convincing.


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