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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hohenwald News: TDOT To Be Questioned by Citizens at Open Forum

The Highway 412 project is an issue of some concern to the citizens of Lewis County. Its a long-running project (more than a decade) that seems to go from one economically depressed area to another.

It seems to be bad from almost all perspectives.

So, I'm glad to announce that TDOT officials will be coming to Lewis County Memorial Park Community Building at 6:30 PM on Tuesday July 19, 2005. Perhaps I should wander out there to edumicate myself, and to ask a few pointed questions of TDOT.

I've already asked one elected official why we are doing this. His response was that other counties had gotten their bit, and it was now Lewis County's turn. In other words, it might be called "Pass out the Pork."

Hmm, makes me wonder if they'll have free BBQ at the meeting. Probably not. It'd make for too many jokes.


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