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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hohenwald News: Writer On-Line

EarthCore: A Podcast Novel is the world's first podcast novel. That means that an audio file is uploaded to the internet, and then downloaded to various people who want it. And EC is the first novel of this kind.

Rather like Death of a Blogger is the first Blogospheric Mystery Novel. So we're in the same club, but with 7500 regular readers, he's the president of the Cutting Edge Tech Book club, and I'm just the janitor.

Still, he's struggling to find a publisher which is a shame. You'd think he would be able to go, and say, look, dudes, I got 7500 people reading this already, lets go out and do some business!

But so far its not happening. Perhaps he's moving too quickly for the Publishing Houses. I published DoaB the Lulu way partially because I wanted to get it done in the Year of the Blogger. Not two years from now. The Pub houses really need to get into gear here.

Reading his story, and seeing his decisions reminded me of many of the attitudes and decisions I 've been involved in over the past couple years. Should I try the NY Publisher route, or should I go for speed, and the Internet? Thats just one question.

I also like his attitude that he's a blue-collar worker. Same here. Only difference is that I like to toss in a message, but it does need to come second place to the story, generally (there are very few hard and fast rules in writing, at least at the superficial level most writers operate. A really great genius might be able to discern the rules, but most writers don't have much of a chance of that.)

Anyways, an interesting interview with him right here.


  • Howdy! It's funny to see other people have similiar problems getting the publishers to pull their heads out of their collective asses. They don't get 7,500 listeners because it messes with their pwradigm and their power -- if book publishing decisions are based on pre-qualification of readers/listeners, then of what value is the editor's decision-making-process? They don't get to "discover" people, they don't get to "decide" what is good and what is not good. My kind of stats threaten their position in the publishing world, because the process is no longer subjective and based solely on their tastes.

    If I had a non-fiction book with 7,500 listeners, you can bet your add it would have already been signed up and probably in print. Non-fiction is all about business -- that's why NF editors jump on current stories, they want to strike while public has that story in their heads.

    By Blogger Scott Sigler, at 11:30 AM  

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