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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Plans for the Day

1. Clean house. Have you ever noticed how a clean house seems to generate a dirty house? Mine was clean recently, but it became dirty very quickly. I think a clean house generates ambition, such as the ambition to fix something (which causes debris), or make an especially nice meal (which generates dirty dishes). See clean=dirty. Perfectly logical.
2. Wrap gifts. We're getting him a toddler video game, and he's getting this weekend from his Baba and Grandma a bike. Other stuff as well.
3. Tend the Gigglebox.
4. Read lots of books today to them.
5. Bathe in the pool outside with plentiful low-level Deet protectant on because we live in a temperate rain forrest, and ze bugs is plentiful. This year seems like a boom year for spiders. Wonder what next year will be, or will we get lucky? These things do go in cycles actually.
6. Birthday party.
7. Watch the last two episodes of Teen Titans with him so we can return that video to Netflix.
8. The Ladyfaire is coming home early today, after shopping for the cake so that will be good.
9. I'd like to get a story sent out, and a setting, Grim Futures approved for release by the editor on my pinkie finger, teh one that hits enter, and then gulps wondering if he made a mistake. We'll see. Kids come first, especially today.
10. Spend more time with the kids.


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