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Friday, July 29, 2005

Tennessee Writer: Lucky Thirteen

Once I send my vampire story, Generation Gap, out today to an online magazine, and I send my wife's story, The Hornet's Nest out as well, our household will have reached the state of having thirteen short stories out in the ether.

Plus, one murder game rough draft.

Plus, a novel entitled Death of a Blogger.

Plus two D20 adventures, Temple of the Dying Sun, and Countercoup and a Multiverser(r) Referee Aid entitled Placeholder Worlds for Desperate GM's.

Kewl: I own the phrase "Placeholder Worlds Multiverser" which yielded results I had put up in its top three slots. And "Temple Dying Sun" had me in positions #1 and #3. Also kewl. High Forest Games (my company) is taking over the Web.

Ok, I've been busy.


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