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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tennessee Writer: Struggles of the Author

While re-ordering my life, I'm struggling with just trying to get moving again. Got to keep an eye on my diet because too much sugar, and not enough regular food (including lots of protein) really excaberates the fatigue and the fear of failure that plagues a new author.

It doesn't help that sinuses are bothering me a bit too. All these little things are weights that drag you down, and like Gulliver, you wonder why you can't achieve the big steps you'd like.

But, some good food, and a sale, and some TLC add up to a bold start on Chapter Three of The Ruling Rod. I'm trying for a vigorous prose style, more information about the physical set-up of the area the story is in, more conflict, more emotion...and I'm hoping that I will be able to write this more directly from my own frustrations, and thus speak more entertainingly and quickly.

After all, Chapter One of the Ruling Rod is really good, but I can't spend a year on each chapter.

Right now, my goal is 2k a day, five days a week, and when I get to 40k, I should have a rough draft of the novel. At that point, I go back over what I've written so far, and add in another 20k.


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