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Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekly Update: July 4th Weekend

We went to the Manor for its thirtieth year anniversary celebration. Free sausages and cokes, and inflatable rides for the small tykes, and got to meet another young married couple, friends from the SCA.

Following that, they had our fireworks for the weekend.

I was personally out of joint for the whole weekend. Trying to re-order my life can hurt. I want to spend more effort on the kids, but I also found that if I don't spend time writing, it makes my days without point. It was a bit of two steps forward, one step back for me.

So for a while, I was spinning in air, knowing that I'd made some improvement, but not getting any traction, or tangible success to go with that, and just out of sorts. Now I've somewhat come back down to the ground, but I still feel a bit out of sorts with a bit of why bother bothering me.

The next day, we went to the Saddle Club Arena, saw that nothing was going on, and asked for directions to the event. It turned out that heat got the event zapped out early (which did not make me wholly unhappy since it really was zuper-duper bad hot out there), and we skedaddled after being given a few prizes for the C to Wally World, and then to Hardees to test out the new Jalopeno Burger.

The cashier remembered that I like my burgers low-carb. That was nice.

The burger was good. Both, the Ladyfaire and I agreed. She thought it hot, with spiciness, not pure heat, and I think the afterburn kept glowing. It was interesting without being unbearable. However the peach shake was a bit of a disapointment.

That night, we went to watch War of the Worlds (two thumbs up from Moi and the Ladyfaire) with Mr. C watching partially from teh safety of my lap with a couple reassurances that it was just a story, and then on to Herbie Fully Loaded which was okay.

It disapointed Mr. C who thought it would be a talking car movie (since both his parents had said it would be, and the young sucker trusted his parents. Bwahahahahaha. Err. Anyways, it was a bit too subtle for him, and not subtle enough for me, although it was reasonably enjoyable.)

The highlight of the night was finding out that Fantastic Four would be on next weekend.

The next day, we drove to Chattanooga to go to the Aquarium. We have year-long passes to the very expensive place so we hope to use them as much as possible. It was even more crowded than Memorial Day Weekend.

Last time we went, we drove there, and then down to Huntsville to stay with the parents which cut maybe an hour and a half off the drive. Which helps a lot. It was a long day. Still pretty neat.

I did get anointed by baby poop, mostly liquid though, on my dress slacks. And then Mr. C fell on the escalator, and got rescued by Mommy. He was in no great danger, but it certainly got me further unhappy since it happened because I wasn't allowed to carry Gigglebox in his stroller down the escalator.

But from then on, as advised, we used the elevator.

Today...we cleaned a bit, let teh boys play in the pool, consigned Mr. C to bed when he smacked the Gigglebox with the table after we forbad it, and watched while he slept the remainder of Timerider, some of its commentary, and Ginger Snaps 2 (definitely not a kid-friendly movie).


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