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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Weekly Update: More B-day News

We had a very good birthday, even if not quite what I expected. Rain interrupted, drenching rain denied, rain realligned my envisioned possible reality of the kids bathing in the exterior pool. Still they both had a nice bath courtesy of Ladyfaire just before time to lay down.

Mr. C got to play Dora Candyland which Da won, and PB&J card game, and a 6-in-1 aquatic block puzzle which was quite hard with his beloved to all mother.

Plus, he got to talk to Grandma BJ, and to Grandma and Baba.

He was well pleased with the presents, although Gigglebox seemed a bit bummed about big brother getting all that and Gigglebox only getting two toys.

Saw some more ants, due to the cake, and I'm going to have to place out some traps since with a crawler who places stuff in his mouth we are not real eager to bomb the house, but still, I wonder how toxic that stuff really is. Gigglebox has seemed to have mostly gotten over his spate of bug bites, but we need to do something to deal with the bugs more effectively.

Between teh Ladyfaire's fear of insecticide and the bugs, I'm caught in a rock and a hard place. I've wondered if I should just be a man, and do it. Bomb the house and have done.

I better check out the toxic effects of the stuff first.

Anyways, we also watched some of Zooboomafoo, and the Powerpuff Girls Movie, and he's watching Theodore Tugboat right now as he quiets down to go to sleep.

The house is mostly cleaned up after teh party, adn the day is generally regarded as a success. Although, I'm sure Mr. C will be ready to do it all over again tommorrow. We won't.


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