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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Weekly Update

Sinuses, lack of sleep, not enough solid protein or enough food (it gets hard to make a meal when you're tired which then excaberates the problem) all continue to drag me down.

But I'm trying to take charge of the situation. Focus on doing things that make the problem easier to fix.

I still have to do some regular maintenance, but if thats all I focus on, I'll never get any better. In fact it will get worse because I'll get more stuff piled on me, and more until the camel's back breaks again.

So, I need to figure out how to keep my ladyfaire, my kids at high priority without letting them totally "urgentize" my life with their "I need this right now" demands. Plus, keep the house decently clean (which I think involves a lot more shelves, and a lot less stuff aka throwing stuff out...I probably need to start boxing up Mr. C's old toys), and keep my writing on track (which involves game design, running a game or three, writing on my novel, improving my novelistic skills, and writing on this blog). I also need to try to keep my health up simply for the reason that if I don't have that, I can't do any of these other things.

Just writing this list is enough to make me want to close my eyes, and give up. Its too much for one guy to handle.

I guess I need to focus on three things. 1)Serve God which relationship will keep me in balance, and bring more joy and meaning to my life 2)Major factors getting fixed (aka if you have more stuff than shelves you CANNOT get the house clean) 3)Basic maintenance until the #2 factors get straightened out.



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