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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekly Update

We have a new lawnmower, more powerful than the last (especially toward the end of the poor, abused machines pitiful life), and so I got out in the heat today, and sweated enough to get a headache. Plus, I had to do brainsweat trying to guess, err, figure out how much oil the thing needs, being careful not to put too much in it.

Did I mention that the lawn had gotten really high seeing as the Lawnmower Soon to go to the Thrift Store wasn't working well? No, well it had. And in Tennessee we get LOTS of water.

Fact is, Hurricane Dennis is on its way to drop more buckets of water tommorrow, and all next week.

I also fixed a couple shelves in one of the black bookcases stationed around a window overlooking the porch. Overloaded the poor bookcase, and it had collapsed a couple shelves.

Gigglebox and Mr. C are playing together very well in the playroom. Yay!

And the Ladyfaire fixed a toy power drill after Mr. C showed her that it needed a battery. The Ladyfaire repeatedly says that she didn 't think she was that smart, that logical, or that inquisitive when she was three. I don't think I was either, and we're both above average so who knows, the little un might be a little genius?


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