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Friday, July 15, 2005

Weekly Update

Well we just had the repairman out to look at our malfunctioning refridgerator. It seems some heater that is supposed to keep the drain unblocked was not working so water flowed where it was not supposed to, froze, blocked cooling channels and caused the fridge to overheat.

So for a lack of a heater the fridge did not cool.

I think thats called ironic. Heh.

I also heard about something called the Hillbilly Carnival which I might participate in. And I need to make sure I put up my Storyblogging Carnival piece tonight or tommorrow afternoon.

Did a lot of cleaning this morning waiting for the repair guy to show up, and now I'm a tired puppy, partially because I didn't get enough to eat.

Lets see if I can get some writing done before Gigglebox gets up, and if I can get Mr. C to go to a nap, or at least fake one.


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