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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Blog Update: Classic Movies Gets New Digs

Jay Moffitt, an eccletic book reader (who is reading my novel Death of a Blogger), and a genial fountain of knowledge about movies (past and present although he seems to prefer past) has moved into some new digs at Classic Movies.

Update your hyperlinks with http://classicmovie.blogspot.com/.

I hope I can convince him to add stills to his new site, and hey, what about videos? That would be too cool. Stills you might be able to get from Picassa. Videos, you might want to talk to Rhyanne Hodgson of freevlog.

I've also added Right Wing News to my blogroll as a news source.

Now I really need to write the end of the "Saint Ayn, Save Me!" humorous jab at Objectivists short story, and resend out Generation Gap. But its hard to get motivated when I've done so much short story writing in the last week. I guess I should finish this story, and then go to work on editing Worldwalker. Oops, I'm really wandering off topic here.


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