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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hohenwald News: Bill Quick Has Novel

Bill Quick, the man who named the Blogosphere, and a cranky Libertarian, has come out with an e-book novel of modern conspiracy. You can go to his website, and download the first chapter for free to see if you like it.

I think you will.

I'd been lightly sparring with him a bit, and occasionally having a more friendly exchange, never realizing that this was the guy that had written two, no I think three SF novels I've read.

Dreams of Flesh and Sand was one of the first books to pick up the torch lit by Vernor Vinge. If you've heard about post-humanity then you've had contact with Vinge. Unfortunately, Vinge's ideas were too powerful, too insightful, and still nowadays most SF writers cannot handle them. Dreams proved that at least one guy could, way back then.

And this is where I insert a plug for my Starsong Systems in the upcoming supplement, the 4th Book of Worlds. See, I place myself in the exalted company of guys who got Vinge, and could do something with it, without just gaping at him. In Starsong, I ask the question, what if all the possible advances come true, what then?

Systems is another book by Quick. Here, he ran the word "terrabyte" past this reader for probably the first time in a novel. And for some reason, this novel stayed with me. Its not my favorite, but it was interesting and thought-provoking, I guess. And its hero was not immune to fear and doubt. He seemed more of an ordinary guy who managed to achieve greatness by just working things out, and keeping at it, despite failures and fears. Perhaps that is why it is not my favorite because the hero hits too close to the bone, but at the same time thats why I remember the book.

Well, that and some pretty cool ideas.

And one commenter informed me that the next step up from terrabyte is a petabyte. Which is a measurement of how ethically the user treats his computer? Or is it a virus that PETA sends to animal owners?

Go here to see the thread, and find a link to the novel.


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