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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hohenwald News: Blogger Murdered

This is just sickening, but hardly surprising. The blogosphere is taking point against the Islamofascists, and the fascists respond by murder. Stephen Vincent, author and blogger, was murdered by gunmen dressed up as police in Basra, Iraq.

He was a supporter of the war, but wanted more forceful indoctrination in democracy by the British and the Americans. His death seems to have proved his point that we are letting the religio-fascists out of control. We need to stomp on Basra hard after this incident.

I begin to think we need to outlaw the hejab just to annoy the fascists. In any case, it does not seem the time to argue over strategy, but to mourn a decent and wise man whose service to America and Iraq was cut short by his inferiors.

May God keep him in perfect peace, and bring His wrath down on the wicked who did this. Let them know the terror of the Just One. Let their days be filled with fear so that they shiver where they creep, and their nights with sleeplessness and visions of horror until the murder of a decent man is repaid in their own blood.

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