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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hohenwald News: Constellation SF Con

Constellation is coming up at the beginning of October, and I plan on going to that one as well. Granted, the gaming looks thin, even if its run by Wayne Brown who does a good job, but also I'm running which should help (he said immodestly), and its a chance to see a lot of old friends.

I expect Patrick Adams of the Emergency Society will be running his usual brilliantly weird LARP. If you don't like Larp because its full of pretentious vampires, and complicated rules then you need to play one of Adams' games.

The rules are dead simple. A little too simple actually, but workable, and it avoids the hour long arguements of other larps.

And one character I played was something like the undersecretary for art from an alien planet who knew that Earth was being threatened by a giant comet. Unfortunately, the budget for the giant comet gun to protect Earth was going to come out of my art budget.


Art come first before some piddling little planet!!

That gives you a taste of the Emergency Society's work.

Anyways, I'll be running Multiverser, and probably a railroad game. Hopefully, I'll get to play in Mike Hurley's Twilight Imperium, and I may try Heroscape.


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