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Monday, August 15, 2005

Hohenwald News: Harry Potter and the GWOT

I enjoyed the book enough to finish it the same day I got it. Even if Ms. Rowling's politics don't quite agree with mine, at least we are in agreement that confronting evil is necessary.

Its evident on page one that Ms. Rowling doesn't like President Bush. I'm not sure why other than she's adopting class prejudgices. I'm sure there might be other reasons.

Its also evident on several closely following pages that she admires Tony Blair, and that she thinks the way the Opposition smirks at any misfortune to the Land, and considers it an opportunity for political gain is disgraceful. On these two points we are in agreement.

As to what Dumbledore's death represents (and in my mind, the closest person to Dumbledore is George Bush, compassionate, uncanny wisdom, offbeat, and tough as nails with a tendency to follow his own plans), well I'm not sure. I think its pretty clear that he half-expected his death, and that somehow Snape's attack is actually some means of saving him.

Indeed, there are interesting parrallels to Gandalf falling into the Abyss under the Bridge. And then rising more powerful, and wiser than before.

At one point in the story, Dumbledore points out a mechanism whereby tyrants fall. They create their own nemeses. Perhaps Dumbledore wanted to give this process a push, if it came to that. Indeed now, Harry is consumed with determination to finish Voldemort.

Verra interesting. Oftentimes artists speak truths they don't really comprehend themselves.


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