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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hohenwald News: Inland Damage

A correspondent wanted me to remember that not all the damage was on the coast. That is true. In Ivan, Pensacola got smashed hard, and Atmore, forty miles inland had their pecan crop trashed. Its a difference of scale, but it is something that needs a smaller bit of help too.

A Huntsvillian (that is Alabama, not Texas) tells me they have power, but many don't. However, in a peculiar twist, they are out of telephone service, which almost never happens, especially when they still have power.

Myself, it could have been worse, up here in Middle Tennessee, but I have some minor damage to my roof. The roofline, in one of my rooms sank about two to three inches. Not desperate, but I'm going to have to try to get that fixed soon.


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