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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hohenwald News: Intelligent Design and the President

Hugh Hewitt has a few good words about the President's comments on Intelligent Design (which most people believe in), and Instapundit, who's usually pretty good has a few words representing the out of touch establishment.

Folks, to use Insty's idea, there is a preference cascade waiting to happen, its like an avalanche. Most people don't really buy Evolution. Even most of them that buy it aren't that happy with it. But people are intimidated into thinking that its unscientific to try to use the scientific method. But when enough people come out and say..."hey, the Emperor has no clothes" there comes a tipping point, and suddenly everyone is saying it.


  • Most people don't buy quantum mechanics. Very few people buy the connection between overeating and heart disease and diabetes. A lot of people think there is something accurate and clear behind the daily horoscope in the paper. 80% of the people can't tell you beans about how gasoline makes their automobile work.

    That people are sometimes ill-informed is not a good reason to lie to children intentionally. That people are sometimes stupid is even less of a reason.

    Intelligent design has no clothes, and its sole goal is to persuade children to similarly go nude, in the snow. Intelligent design is not intelligent. Intelligent design is not science. Intelligent design may be promoted by some good-hearted people, but its promotion is ultimately evil.

    By Blogger Ed Darrell, at 6:23 PM  

  • Thank you for your comment Ed.

    I mostly buy QM; the points about wave functions knowing beforehand suggests to me a mis-interpretation of the data since knowing the future is not a property I'm keen to assign wave functions.

    Your other examples I'm in tentative agreement or knowledge of already.

    But I still think that macro-evolution (not breeding, but genuinely crossing species lines) is not sufficiently proven.

    And I think that looking for a designer, whether aliens,or Odin is not inherently unscientific. One can deduce much from physical evidence...cops actually prefer physical evidence to eyewitness accounts.

    I won't say they've proven their case, but I don't think the varied schools of evolutionists have either.

    The Management

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:20 PM  

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