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Friday, August 12, 2005

Hohenwald News: Mary Persnickety Perrin

Our local columnist in the weekly, Lewis County Herald, is Mary Perrin who for being a liberal isn't that bad. But she objects to Tennesseans for Tax Revolt asking for a year and a bit more in advance promises by politicians not to raise any form of taxes.

She suggests that this might look un-progressive. People might question your willingness to fund a new and needed government program. Shiver, horrors. You mean, I might not look like I was just itching to rip open your wallet to fund a program designed to get me re-elected? Oh my, someone catch me, pul-lease, I've got the vapors. I'm going to faint! (for full effect, sing-song this out loud in a wailing voice.)

How about this? If such a really necessary program comes by, we get rid of one of the wasteful and illegal pork troughs we have, and replace it with something needful. Y'know, like Mom replacing your selection of ice cream bars with hamburger when you were a little kid in a store.

Now it might seem a trifle insulting to ask Phil Bredesen to promise never, no never, but folks he is at the end of teh day, a politician. Even though I think he is probably a good politician, but still, wouldn't you feel better with a little insurance?

Sign the Pledge, Mr. Bredesen, and then urge the Democratic and Republican legislators to do likewise. And Ms. Perrin, progressive doesn't mean good, it means lefty. So yes, I think I'd prefer to look un-progressive, after all, this state needs a lot of reform, not progress toward a cliff.


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