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Monday, August 22, 2005

Hohenwald News: Singular Lack of Conservatism

Yesterday, Right Wing News took to task a newspaper, and some parents who brought an autistic child in to a theatre. There the child laughed loudly at a family film, but according to the mother, not much more so than the other children.

Problem is, one does not know if she is telling the truth, or if some idiot heard an extra two decibels, and was enough to set him off, and set the manager then went to work. End result, the family is kicked out, they got their money back, the manager may be in trouble (which he probably should not be...some times there are no great decisions), and the film went on.

The paper reported this as a horror for the child. Right Wing News and its commenters thought of it as a case of society protecting itself against a disruptive influence. And they invoked the sanctity of contracts.

Indeed, one fellow went so far as to support jamming cel phones in restaruants, even if the person might be an EMT or fireman, because that was just too bad, and it was the fault of the loud talkers on cel phones who made him block an EMT's cel phone.

Thats not conservatism. Thats being a well-mannered prig, but it does illustrate the problem.
Now he was chastised, but it didn't dent his narcissism. The others were less narcissist, but still an outlier can often show what the more normal have in lesser degree.

The chief logical problem I see here is that people are leaning on one singular value, the Sanctity of Contracts...aka the Movie or the Restaraunt made a contract with me, and they better fulfill it. Well, first, I don't think most Restaraunt's would agree they made a contract with you to keep some overloud boor at the next table from spouting on about his new cigarrette speed boat which he bought with a Christmas bonus. An absurd oversensitivity is at work here driving this choice of Sanctity of Contracts as mental tower of protection from any other values at work in this area.

Conservatism is not founded on one principle, but it uses multiple principles, understanding that any one principle is flawed. Those who take one principle, and push it past the point where it makes logical sense are generally considered Liberals. Those who trumpet rights over responsibilities are not usually considered Conservative either.

The Samurai had their one principle...Obedience. Even if the lord commanded one to slay one's own family, it was to be done. That is not moral to me. Nor is it conservative.

Sanctity of Contracts is not the only value in play here.

There are other more important issues.

For a society to live, it requires compromises from harsh rights. Your right of not being bothered is subject to a ton of restrictions, including Monday morning traffic jams. So grow up, and quitcher liberal whining. Show some fortitude in the face of Adversity which by another name is Life. It is not all about you.

For a society to live, it requires children. And here is the real crux. The childless don't want to be bothered by the efforts of the childed to raise the next generation while of course, they want all the benefits thereof. Selfish narcissists of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but the wails of an infant.

We don't have enough children in America as it is. Without immigration, we would be in negative population growth. Which says that our society is sick.

Let me repeat that. Negative population growth is proof of societal breakdown and maladjustment of a most severe degree.

We need to encourage more people to have more children, instead of increasing the already back-breaking burdens on a family. Make it easier to have children instead of harder.

Be a real conservative. Support your local family.


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